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Sunday, August 19, 2012

What's on a man's mind ? Freud !

This humorous poster takes a look at the characterization of the male brain, illustrated by the world’s most famous psychoanalyst, the Austrian Sigmund Freud.  this fun image depicts a profile of a male face which features the naked female form with .....
her curves becoming his forehead and a bent leg for a nose. Proving that men only have one thing on their mind, this humorous poster is sure to create a talking point in any home......

deze "daily Dwaalhaas" werd vandaag door mijn manager op de faceboo/dwaalhaas pagina gepost, dis schilderij is gerespireerd op de Freud poster er naast, het verkoop praatje hier boven heb ik ouderwets gejat ( copy & paste )  maar die kan gelden voor beide posters, want ook mijn Freud is te koop als poster...

op Google images staat dit schilderij bijna boven aan als je siegfried freud what is on a mens mind  intikt "ik vind dat best wel stoer" :-)

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  1. LOL Yes, sometimes a man commits such acts, we can say that the brain is between his legs ... But the same words can be said about a woman .. Just a man more openly display their sexual instincts, and the woman is more reserved and secretive. .)) Man is the external manifestation, and a woman inside .. So we say that the woman is the eternal mystery ... A man this hunter and he is interested in the woman and seek to solve the mystery .. If a woman is too dissolute, and she open like a book, which we have already read, the man quickly cools and loses interest in it.)))


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